Daejeon International Wine Festival 2019

Daejeon International Wine Festival 2019

Daejeon International Wine Festival 2019

From August 23 to 25, Daejeon International Wine Festival (DIWF), a wine event that represents Daejeon and Korea, was held for its schedule in 2019. Because of the unavailability of Daejeon Trade Exhibition Center, the event’s previous venue, this year’s event was held in Daejeon Convention Center. Despite the smaller exhibition space, DIWF met more visitors than ever before.

The event changed its name from Daejeon International Wine Fair to Daejeon International Wine Festival, showing Daejeon City’s intent toward making a festival enjoyable for all citizens, rather than an event purely commercial.

Just like last year, side events held were satisfactory. Asia Wine Trophy, the only wine show in Asia certified by the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV), received entries of 4,000 wines from all over the world. A total of 140 international tasters were invited from the world for evaluation. Asia Wine Conference, an academic session open for all wine enthusiasts, received a favorable response from visitors nationwide as well as citizens of Daejeon.

Moreover, the 15th Korea Best Sommelier Contest took place with the event. Korea Best Sommelier Contest is an event for a sommelier who can represent Korea. The winner gets to participate in the Asia-Oceania Best Sommelier Contest and World Best Sommelier Contest hosted by Association de la Sommellerie Internationale.

DIWF is the largest professional wine event in Korea. Not just the best exhibition in terms of the variety of wine open to the public, but it is a place where participants can approach wine as a culture.

DIWF is growing every year, both in scale and quality. The success of the event is more meaningful with Daejeon as it is where the first wine factory in Korea produced the first Korean wine with Korean grapes. As a pioneer in the history of Korean wine, Daejeon’s aim is to foster and encourage the culture of wine in Korea.

Contact: DIME Exhibition Marketing Team – 042-250-1353