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2019, the 'Visit Daejeon Year'

IBS 과학문화센터

The year 2019 is going to be an important one for Daejeon Metropolitan City as it celebrates the 70th year since its promotion to a “City” as well as the 30th year since its promotion to a “Metropolitan City.”

On December 10, 2018, the declaration ceremony of “ 2019, the perfect year to visit Daejeon” took place at Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul. In this occasion, Daejeon International Marketing Enterprise (DIME) had a “Daejeon Tourism Talk,” “Celebratory Performance,” and “Promotional Booth Event.”

In 2019, Daejeon has new international marketing plans and theme tourism programs up front. Another thing to take a look at is the remodeling of Daejeon’s landmark, the Hanbit Tower.

Hanbit Tower is undergoing repair to prepare for 2019. Although currently closed, the observatory, floor tiles, air-conditioning, heating, and other facilities are on their way to welcome visitors to Daejeon in 2019.

The officials of Daejeon Metropolitan City have identified the “K-Pop Festival” in June and the “Daejeon Night Market” from May to October as the main climaxes of 2019.

The K-Pop Festival targets K-Pop fans globally. Set to take place around the Daejeon World Cup Stadium, it will offer an idol music festival, EDM performances, a street dance competition, and more as its sub-events.

The night market is aiming to show Daejeon’s night culture from street food to performance and entertainment.

The Daejeon City tour will have a change in its programs as well. Aside from the theme programs operating now, it is planned to have circulating city tour buses available anytime.

Contact: DIME Tourism Business Team – 042-250-1241