Daejeon proves itself again as a Science City
AFLAS 2022 successfully hosted in Daejeon

Daejeon proves itself again as a Science City

The Daejeon International Marketing Enterprise (DIME) has revealed that Daejeon Metropolitan City has won the bids for the 10th Asia Federation of Laboratory Animal Science (AFLAS) 2022 and was successfully chosen as the hosting city by the AFLAS board of directors in the 8th AFLAS Congress in Bangalore, India.

The AFLAS Congress is a biennial academic event on laboratory animals and the largest in Asia. The hosting city is decided through votes from the representatives of the 11 member nations of AFLAS. After the intense competition process, Daejeon received six of eight votes and was finally chosen over Cebu, Philippines, and Xi'an, China.

This was Korea’s second attempt for hosting AFLAS after the 2006 congress held in Jeju Island. Daejeon’s rivals—the Philippines, which had the advantage in making the first attempt for hosting AFLAS, and China, whose importance was rising with the booming growth in the laboratory animal field—were expected to be tough competitors.

However, Korea’s hosting committee for AFLAS proved its strength in the end. The committee’s persuasion of individual representatives, Daejeon’s locational and industrial advantages, the preparation of special sessions for young scientists, thoughtful support, and diverse social and ceremonial programs succeeded in giving voters a positive image of Daejeon.

Laboratory animal science is a field of bioscience that handles several areas from stable, reliable animal experiments to morality and even animal welfare. It is widely studied through genetics, veterinary science, medical science, pharmacy, animal husbandry, and more.

With AFLAS 2022 confirmed in Daejeon Metropolitan City, active academic interchange in an international level is expected from the 1,000 researchers and experts who are visiting Daejeon for the event.

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