Construction of the new International Exhibition
– Convention Center
makes its commencement

설계공모 당선작이 선정

The architecture design of the new Daejeon International Exhibition–Convention Center has been publicly confirmed.

The center’s linear design, starting from the central area, expresses vigorous wingbeats bearing Daejeon City. Then, the silhouette merges with nature including the nearby Gapcheon River and Usungeesan Mountain.

Through the evaluation process, the design’s elegant scenery was its main point for compliments. It takes much consideration of the construct’s connectivity with the nearby facilities being planned on the Expo site.

In addition, placing the smart lounge and panorama café facilities within received appraisal for achieving both structural openness and balance with the nearby environment at the same time. This structure will provide an ideal walking environment for visitors and trespassers, effectively connecting the MICE-economy multiplex of the Expo area.

Mr. Jeong, an official of Daejeon Metropolitan City said, “We plan to do our best in making the Daejeon International Exhibition–Convention Center our new landmark.” and added, “With the new exhibition center, we look forward to becoming the leader of MICE in Korea.”

Daejeon International Exhibition-Convention Center will be located in the Expo site next to the existing Daejeon Convention Center(DCC), connected by a second-floor level overpass. The center will be three stories above and two stories below, expected to double Daejeon’s capability for large events with its 10,020㎡ of indoor space. The indoor space consists of three exhibition halls and one multi-purposed hall. The colossal construct will also have a 20,600㎡ parking lot, restaurants, a casual cafeteria, and every resource necessary to host a world-class exhibition.

Daejeon will begin the construction within the first half of 2019, and plans to complete it on June 2021 after the elementary design and technical proposal process is completed.

Contact : (DIME Exhibition Marketing Team) 042-250-1353