Reconstruction of the former Expo Site Gearing Up for Its Next Step

‘2018 대청호 생태문화 해설사’교육생모집

When the 1993 Daejeon World Expo ended, the Expo Site of Daejeon had lost its energy and started to diminish. However, Daejeon Metropolitan city is restructuring the once-diminished area to a whole new level.

The reconstruction uses 590,000 m² of the Expo Science Park area to establish a massive science, culture, shopping, and convention complex. 1.27 trillion ₩ (equivalent to 1.14 million $) of funding from the Daejeon Metropolitan City will be put into this project, as well as contributions expected from private enterprises. It will reform the former Expo park into five different sections, namely, “1993 Expo Memorial Zone,” “Drama Town Zone - Studio Cube,” “International Exhibition–Convention Center Zone,” “Institute for Basic Science,” and the “Science Complex”

Studio Cube is the largest film studio in Korea. Exceeding the size of the former largest by twice, it satisfies the growing demands of the Korean film and media-making industries. With support from Studio Cube, an accelerated growth of Korea’s film industry is expected.

The Institute for Basic Science (IBS) is a state-owned institution dedicated to the academic research of basic science. It is the core of Korea’s global competency in basic science. This January, IBS moved its main facility to the Expo Science Park area including 400 researchers from 8 research groups. As the symbol of the Korean “International Science Business Belt” project, it will make the recreated Expo area a center of Daejeon’s scientific innovation.

The Daejeon Science Complex is going to be the heart of the new Expo Site. It is a multiple function purposed skyscraper, 43 stories high and 4 stories under. Taking 271,336 m2 of the Expo Science Park area, it seeks to become Daejeon’s new landmark that succeeds the Hanbit Tower. It will have a cinema, hotel, and a department store within. In addition, science and culture-related institutions are part of the plan to provide related activities to the public.

These resources, which are located near each other, are expected to show synergy and bring the lights back to the Expo Science Park, the new center of Daejeon. By 2022, the construction of the Expo Science Park will be completed along with the relocation of the IBS and the reconstruction of the Daejeon International Exhibition–Convention Center. Rebirth of the Expo Site is sure to be a chance for Daejeon City to take the next step into the future, just as it did in the 1993 World Expo.

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